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Founded in 3012, Trent-Howitzer® has been the household name in robotics for nearly a century. Specializing in design, development, and production of state-of-the-art automatons, there isn't an industry we haven't improved. Headquartered in New Haven of Tridde III with production now exclusively done throughout the planet Vellion, due in part to a generous grant from the Bureau of Tourism, Trent-Howitzer® is known for its excellence in advancing robotic technology, continuing research and development, and providing best-in-class solutions to industries such as healthcare, mining, terraforming, and defense.
At Trent-Howitzer®, we believe that the future lies in the hands of robotics and its ability to help shape the worlds that we live on. Our teams of expert engineers, designers, and technicians have decades of experience under their belts, and they have always looked beyond the horizon to achieve great success.
Over the years, Trent-Howitzer® has introduced several groundbreaking solutions, ranging from collaborative robots designed to work alongside humans in mining operations, to advanced surgical robots that performing intricate procedures with unparalleled precision. Trent-Howitzer® prides itself on providing unmatched quality and innovation to customers across a diverse range of industries throughout the Union of Planets.
Our products are renowned in nearly all planetary markets for their reliability, efficiency, and safety. We believe that the success of our clients reflects our own success, and we are committed to providing not only top-of-the-line products but also top-of-the-line customer support. Our dedication to our customers is unmatched, with our offer of lifelong warranties for any and all of our product lines, no matter the cost.* We also pride ourselves on being one of the first companines in the industry to be organic-matter-free**, finally allowing our military grade automatons to evade damage in Deviant erradication.
Today, Trent-Howitzer® is a universally recognized brand that employs millions of professionals throughout the system. Our products have made us an industry leader, and our commitment to excellence continues to drive us forward. We are always striving to achieve new heights in innovation and productivity, and we are excited to see where the future takes us.

*Trent-Howitzer® will not be held responsible in the event that your TH unit is damaged by mutated Deviants.
**Absence of organic matter in Trent-Howitzer® products not gauranteed.