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It's time we say thank you.


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We are pleased to announce our newest addition to our product line-up, the "Trent-Howitzer® Loyalty Program".
Without your decades of faithful and dutiful business, Trent-Howitzer® would not be the power-house in robotics it is today, especially with the latest release of our 3rd generation of state-of-the-art automatons.

For this, we are immensely grateful.
So grateful in fact, we decided to create this program to reward our loyal business partners.

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We've put together thousands of different combinations of eyes, metal color, and backgrounds of our base TH unit to gift our customers unique, eye-catching, collectible cards.
Each card has varying rarity, and each card is different from the other.

A snapshot of all wallets holding a Gamma class TH unit will be taken

July 1st, 2023

with TH Unit cards being delivered to said wallets

July 8th, 2023

Holders will receive

One (1) card PER robot in your wallet.

If you hold 3 robots, you'll receive 3 cards.